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Who is BV?
-sculpt archer






There is a list of wargame events we usually try to visit.

For checking actual date please visit the page of the event.

For checking our partaking please ask us: Contact


Hamburger actica (Germany, Hamburg, cca February)

Spiel Essen (Germany, Essen, cca October)


RPC (Germany, Koeln, cca May)


Conflict (Germany,  Langenfeld, cca June)


Antwerpen CRISIS (Belgium, Antwerpen, cca November)

Warcon Ghent (Belgium, Merelbeke, cca February)


Salute (UK, London, cca April)

Hispania Wargames (Spain, Malaga, cca February)

Impact (Netherlands, Eindhoven, cca March)

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