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How to order?
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How to order miniatures?

Add to cart all your favorite miniatures, please.
During registration you will be able to choose your preferred method of payment.

We send parcels by post all over the world (and in Europe, USA, Australia, and in all other countries).

Shipping to any place in the world costs 6 euros. This amount does not depend on how many miniatures you ordered. At the order is € 50 and more - we provide Free Shipping.


Please carefully fill in your name and shipping address!

After placing an order you will receive 2 automatic messages: about start ordering and after sending the parcel. We ship orders in 1-3 days.

Of course, you can leave the order in a personal message if you want. If you don't recieved an answer within two days, please resend it. Maybe your message wasn't delivered.

Payment --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We accept PayPal payments.
You can pay from your bank card or any of your credit cards.

Delivery --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After sending parcels (usually within 3 days), you will receive an automatic message with the fact that the parcel sent.
If you don't recieve you package more, than a month after this moment, please do following:
1. Go to your post-office and ask they about package for you. Maybe they forget to notificate you.
2. Write us a letter with question. I'll track a package within Russia and I tell you a date it was exported from.

Guarantee --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We send parcels by post. In a few years (since 2009) lost only 3 or 4 parcels , so do not worry, please, if your package is going for a long time. Delivery takes an average of about 3 weeks. Sometimes it comes in 10 days, sometimes - about a month.

In any case, if it took more, than two months, and the parcel still not arrive - we will send the parcel again at our expense.

Well, the last )
We are all human, and sometimes (very rarely) when assembling order can make a mistake: put another miniature, or forget to put anything. Please, if your sending any problems - write us about it, we 'll try to fix it.

If you have any questions, contact us, please! 

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