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We sell miniatures of our own production
and send it by post in all over the world (in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and in all other countries)
The price of miniatures you can see in the web-store:

We can make a custom-built miniature for you.
For calculating price, please send us ( a size (scale) of miniature and all materials, that you have - pictures, sketches, screenshots etc and/or wordy description.
Usually creating miniature costs about 180-200 euros. We can provide some discounts if the commission will be very interesting for us and we save a right to sell copies by ourself (after you recieve your figures). In this case price would be 120-150 euros (you save about 80 euros) Also, in second case we provide moulding and casting 5 resin copies from each model for free.

We also can provide resin casting for you.
For calculating price, please give us ( a photo of your model with a ruler beside and a quantity of copies you wish.

We cast only original models. We don't pirate recasting.

We can provide a high-quality or "tabletop" painting.
We provide high-quality painjob, so the cost of each painting miniature 28 mm is 85 euro.
There is example of painting (painter is the same, who made this figure):
As you can see, it's a high quality paintjob and it get 8.7 rating.
Of course, we can provide "tabletop" painjob too. It would be 10 euros extra per figure (10 is painting only).
The painting will take about a week.

All the information about ordering, payment, delivery and guarantees you can find here: How to order?

If you have any questions, contact us, please!

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